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ETS Agency has a long history of knowledge in exporting cars and other vehicles. We arrange everything for you and per your instructions. Our brands for export are Mercedes-Benz, AUDI and BMW to name a few. Models GLS (Mercedes-Benz), X5 and X4 (BMW) and Q7 (AUDI) are ready for export. We are professional export traders with our own logistical department arranging all aspects of the shipment. Trading with ETS agency Zürich has never been easier implementing our Instant Trading Solution that covers all aspects of delivery, payment and Insurance. We take any inquiry seriously and with discretion. Are you looking for anything specific to export? Need help with the logistics? Don’t hesitate to make contact with us. We will do our out most to try to help you.

For further details please contact us using the contact forms or give us a request call back.

With over 40 years of trading expertise with the East European and Eastern part of Middle East and West and North African markets, we see the possibilities the peace talks initiated as a sign of willingness to guide our partners in these regions to resolve matters and to enable families to join once more due to the core of the Family is what it’s all about.

Our aim is to obtain the best possible resources to assist the Reconstruction of the region to use our expertise to Trade Used construction machinery and trucks.

We are professional USED machinery traders. Our role is to assist with support in reconstruction projects from small to large and as such our aim is to achieve our partner’s goals. Our Trade Department team has the knowledge of Middle East and Africa areas and markets.

With our unique Instant Trade Solution, we offer a comprehensive European Trade and sales business platform, [...]

DHL Freight is opening up the Iranian export market for German and European companies. Teams of experts are organizing Iran transports from the gateways in Frankfurt and Istanbul. An experienced partner is at hand to ensure everything goes smoothly on location.

The ETS Agency Zürich concept is based on over thirty years of experience in international business, collaborating with other professionals. Together with our department teams, the arena of knowledge spans over large spectra of areas and markets. With our unique Instant Trade Solution, we offer a comprehensive business platform, accommodating payment and trade of trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, building equipment or any used machinery or equipment you can think of. Most common to close a business transaction is the use of TT transfer. However, many of the banks today prefer our structured Instant Trading Instrument, tailored to meet the compliance in any market and to make payments safe and secure, to protect the parties involved as well as the goods. Our Confirmed Letter of Credit Trading Solution which is performing under CIF deliveries, to customer’s port or agreed destination, makes it possible to conduct safe cross borders transactions in areas otherwise might be difficult or [...]

Beirut – Lebanon’s Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi presented on Monday a proposal for Syrian refugees in Lebanon to return to their country over a two-year period that would start in January.

The plan would be based on proving protection to those who return home, in cooperation with the Syrian government and under international guarantees, especially from the United States and Russia. Speaking during a news conference in Beirut, the Lebanese labor minister urged the United Nations and Arab states to support the new plan.He also hoped that such a plan would be put into action starting January and be completed within about two years.

The plan calls for dividing Syrian refugees into four different categories: those who support the Syrian government, those who are oppose it, those who are considered neutral, and “migrants.”

“The implementation of the actual plan…will include choosing a relatively safe area from military conflicts and transforming it into a safe zone [...]

The Financial and economic numbers of the demolition and rebuild of Syria is much higher than reports have indicated. The problem is not the huge cost of rebuilds instead the issue is why rebuilding as it was before when the infrastructure has changed in parts or as a whole. One important aspect is always to secure and hold old the footprints of demolished buildings; facts that will commence costs due to the plan is obvious to only simplify a fast plan of action to get roof over the heads of the returning population. It´s often seen in news articles estimating costs of 300 Billion Euro or more to amplify the ´Syria Demolition and Rebuild plan` and that the need is to start as soon as possible after the war. To rebuild is of course the right way it’s only that the needs to reclaim your property has and will increase the cost more than possible [...]

Charity and Aid is actually two different things.

If the Aid organization is not prepared correctly, it will have a negative effect as a whole, seriously delaying the help so desperately needed. ETS Agency Zürich has with this in mind, constructed a unique Aid Logistical platform, Optimum Atlas, with in-depth of almost any equipment thinkable, source, global and domestic judgment, custom, transport and shipping, warehouse facilitation, back office logging, insurance and banking facilitation and finally top performing accounting or law interpretations tools to assist any Aid organization.

At ETS Agency Zürich we know that a proven Aid logistics network that is able to show cost-efficient structures and is developed and customized, with high-quality and large-scale logistical projections will provide a definite competitive advantage when it comes to report what the Aid achieve and to bring the costs as a whole and those numbers on the table.

Our logistical team of experts has a waste experience [...]

Heavy lift shipping is a very particular trade, often involving the sea transportation of extremely heavy and voluminous loads, requiring special care and preparation.

ETS-Agency work direct with all the world’s leading Heavy Lift ship owners and operators. Typical heavy lift and project cargoes are reactors and pressure vessels for refineries and petrochemical plants, components for power generation and distribution, such as boilers, turbines, generators, transformers, etc. Apart from the heavy lifts, the construction of plants requires the transportation of large quantities of project (related) cargoes as break bulk; i.e. boxes, crates, unpacked and skid-mounted units. Further, typical heavy lift cargoes not related to plant construction projects are rolling stock, such as locomotives, railway equipment, bulldozers, cranes and floating equipment such as dredgers, barges and yachts. The loads carried are often valuable items, which are crucial to large plants under construction.

Meeting project schedules is an important factor, but more important is the cargo arriving [...]

It´s generally no issue when you are contracted to issue logistic transport work within an existing infrastructure like West Europe. Our role is to assist with the best logistic tools to enable the party to produce, deliver and erect at a site there product or machine. We have one mission and it’s to always use the best method and tools to get the job done safely. If none of the above is present the task will be a logistical nightmare.

Our logistical team of experts has a waste experience when it comes to shipments where the above is not present and when we assignee to a new project our professional team collect, disassembly for shipment and transport to the end destination including reassembly at site utilizing machinery we bring with to assist at the actual building site. As named our professional expert team with the assigner concludes logistic meetings to establish the best system and [...]

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