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With our Instant Trading Solution We are experts in trading European used equipment to the Middle East, West & North Africa.

The ETS Agency Zürich Instant Trading Solution concept is based on over 40 years of experience in international business, collaborating with other professionals.

We are searching for agents in Middle East and North Africa to assist our trade with reconstruction of houses, roads, bridges, water and electric power systems.


We have over 40 Years’ experience of Trading to Middle East and we provide a unique Instant Trading Solution with a large product base in conjuction with our Instant Trading Solution. We trade used house construction and building machinery to Middle East and North Africa. Such as Road and Earth moving machinery, house reconstruction and new build machinery. We sell and deliver from Europe. The wide range of units consist of USED machines of years (2005 up to 2015). We Trade Cars, Road Trucks, tractor units, dumper trucks, crane trucks for lifting building material, container trucks and trailers, concrete trucks, cement pump trucks, garbage trucks, refrigerated and freezer trucks and trailers, water and oil tanker trucks and trailers, ambulance and fire trucks, box and tilt trailers, container frame trailers. Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Reach stackers, Scaffolding, Cement mixers to house building and block brick concrete mixing machines, Construction machinery such as excavators, dozers, road and asphalt pavers. Manufactures, BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES-BENZ, ASTRA, CATERPILLAR, DAF, FAUN, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, SCANIA, and VOLVO.

Together with our department teams, the arena of knowledge spans over large spectra of areas and markets. With our unique Instant Trade Solution, we offer a comprehensive business platform, accommodating payment and trade of trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, building equipment or any used machinery or equipment you can think of. Most common to close a business transaction is the use of TT transfer. However, many of the banks today prefer our structured Instant Trading Instrument, tailored to meet the compliance in any market and to make payments safe and secure, to protect the parties involved as well as the goods. Our Confirmed Letter of Credit Trading Solution which is performing under CIF deliveries, to customer’s port or agreed destination, makes it possible to conduct safe cross borders transactions in areas otherwise might be difficult or even impossible.

Many of our customers see the benefit in our structure, Instant Trading Solution and our over 40-years in the business as a huge benefit for them and when customers have a request of any equipment, we offer quality with a fair price. In addition to the sole equipment at hand, we also accommodate insurance to the end port, all logistical issues and spare part programs for those who need it.

We are proud to be one of the best in Europe in terms of Tower Cranes (Potain, Liebherr, WOLF, Comansa), Building Hoists, Concrete Plants, Asphalt Plants including all machinery and spare parts in respect of this area. We can supply to any building project you might have and if you are in the market for any type of cars, trucks, trailers and construction machineries we are confident we can meet your requirements.

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Trading requires global awareness and connections. ETS Agency Zürich is considered a top trading partner in a range of markets worldwide. Building on more than three decades of trading experience, our capabilities are deeply rooted with a dynamic trading infrastructure and diverse market presence. Here at ETS Agency Zürich, you can experience the confidence of having the resources to get the job done, year-round. Together with our department teams, the arena of knowledge spans over a large spectra of areas and markets. This grants the success in any project ETS Agency Zürich participates in.

In addition, ETS Agency Zürich has its own logistics department with offices in Singapore, to ensure anything bought to arrive safely and on time. ETS Agency Zürich offers freight trading, ship inspections and worldwide ship operations. Our managers review performance of vessels long before any product reaches their hulls.


Competative Logistics

At ETS Agency Zürich we know, that a proven logistics network that’s able to show cost-efficient structures and is developed or customized to prevail stop signs in conjunction with high-quality and large-scale logistical projections, will provide a definite competitive advantage when it comes to report those economical numbers on the table. If you are looking for a competent, reliable and flexible logistical partner please contact us for an unconditionally discussion of your project, where ever it might be.

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