ETS Trade Services

Export Services


Trade & Export is our core business and we deliver all equipment fully documented.



We have our own logistics department and we handle and carry out small, as well as complex logistical issues.



The issue with VAT is getting more and more complex and we have solutions for our clients to meet this issue with claiming and reporting VAT.


You can rent anything that is suitable and which meet your specific needs at an attractive price.

We offer long-term rentals and also have the necessary flexibility to enable you to purchase your rented Machine/Transport Vehicle/Equipment.

Market Analyses

New Market analythics

Entering new markets can be a daunting task. Our senior staff can help and administrate all trading activities taking place cross border.


Solutions Cross Border

European Trade Services has with its over 45 years in the business established a trade environment capable of executing "end to end" solutions. Contact us for further information.


Trading Structures

Our "Instant Trading Solution" makes way for a swift handling of cross border trades, securing seller and buyer with certified deliveries.


Whole Suite of Services for your Fleet - Portfolio - Business.

Regardless if you are looking, want to change, starting to build a fleet of vehicles, heavy machines or trucks, we have the solution for you. We offer finance solutions, structural solutions and advice.

Finance & Delivery

Creating Freedom

We help to create a more dynamic economic environment to maintain your companiy's financial freedom to act.


Rental & Leasing Solutions

ETS has one of the most innovative in leasing and rental solutions for professional equipment in the market place today.


International Insurance

Met the right conditions, we arrange with our partners insurance on your business entering new markets and gear set off to work there.


We help create deal opportunities around the globe.

Our knowledge is at your service as we deliver innovative deal solutions, providing advice from over 45-years of experience accumulating market knowledge for you to rely when it comes to business enhancing advice.