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Cars for Export

Cars for export to your port of destination

ETS Agency has a long history of knowledge in exporting cars and other vehicles. We arrange everything for you and per your instructions. Our brands for export are Mercedes-Benz, AUDI and BMW to name a few. Models GLS (Mercedes-Benz), X5 and X4 (BMW) and Q7 (AUDI) are ready for export. We are professional export traders with our own logistical department arranging all aspects of the shipment. Trading with ETS agency Zürich has never been easier implementing our Instant Trading Solution that covers all aspects of delivery, payment and Insurance. We take any inquiry seriously and with discretion. Are you looking for anything specific to export? Need help with the logistics? Don’t hesitate to make contact with us. We will do our out most to try to help you.

SUV's for export with ETS Agency Zürich

Mercedes-Benz GLS 500

For further details please contact us using the contact forms or give us a request call back.

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