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With over 40 years of trading expertise with the East European and Eastern part of Middle East and West and North African markets, we see the possibilities the peace talks initiated as a sign of willingness to guide our partners in these regions to resolve matters and to enable families to join once more due to the core of the Family is what it’s all about.

Our aim is to obtain the best possible resources to assist the Reconstruction of the region to use our expertise to Trade Used construction machinery and trucks.

We are professional USED machinery traders. Our role is to assist with support in reconstruction projects from small to large and as such our aim is to achieve our partner’s goals. Our Trade Department team has the knowledge of Middle East and Africa areas and markets.

With our unique Instant Trade Solution, we offer a comprehensive European Trade and sales business platform, accommodating payment and deliveries of Trucks, Trailers, Heavy machinery and any used building equipment, used machinery or house building equipment you can think of. Our Banking payment system use TT transfer or Bank document tailored to meet the Global Banking compliance to make payments safe and secured from your Bank to us in Switzerland.

It’s always our aim to protect the payments of goods as we then delivery to our partners in Trade. Our sophisticated Trade solution is not new, instead we have developed further with changes such as Bank to Bank payment securement where the standards of European Banks, as is really demanding and even more challenging since we created a special purposed Instrument. This instrument proven the payment and delivery of goods as is tailored to perform under such parameters through a Confirmed Letter of Credit  which is performing under CIF deliveries to the customer’s port or your agreed end destination.

This makes it possible to conduct safe Cross borders transactions since European Banks demands under performance that when trading with Middle East or African markets standard solutions is not the way to go. Today it’s only through proven Banking European market is and will functions when entering into Cross boarder trading with non-European Countries.

Many of ETS Agency Zurich customers see the benefit in our Trading structure and since we are respected and have a long historical Trade experience, over 40-years in the business they acknowledge this as a huge benefit.

When our customers have a request our Trade Desk offers machinery to a project or single purpose deal we always seek to give quality with a fair price. In addition the equipment delivered to our costumer partners’ hands includes Shipment and Insurance to the end port, all logistical issues is then fulfilled including machinery spare parts sales for those who ask for it.

We are proud to be one of the best in Europe in terms of Used Construction machinery and Road Trucks supplies and our experienced Trade Desk staff is able to help with offering he correct building project machinery to allow our costumer partners to get the job done.

We are proud to not only to supply Used machinery but also of our family history where we supply Tower Cranes of makes such as Potain, Liebherr ore Building Hoists of Geda or Alimak.

Our experience includes Used or New Concrete Plants or Asphalt Plants also all machinery and spare parts in respect of this area.

We can supply to any building project you might have and if you are in the market for any type of cars, trucks, trailers and additional not named construction machineries we are confident we can meet your requirements.

Our role is to participate with our profession as is, expected by our costumer partners. Our values are to obtain the best tools possible and to add tailored solutions for our costumer partners and there projects.

The Management of ETS Agency Zürich possess a profession obtained not only from the cross-border market of far east Trade but also contribute much more with diversity of sectors such as Economic, Banking, Leasing, Industrial and Environment, Energy, Construction, Trade of a wide market prospective and experience when it comes to Projects.

Our role as participating project and Trade conductor is to achieve what is for any need to be.

Only ask.

Therefore contact us and we will assist you.


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